Algorithm of paragraph-to-paragraph teaching texts by Rivin method.

1.     Get text and color signal. Write down the title of the text and color signal above the table. Look through the  text.
2.     Find partner (with another color signal, and, consequently with another text). Write down his surname and mark his color signal in the table of your exercise-book. Settle the question about the turn of the work.
3.     Read your partner one paragraph aloud, discuss its content and formulate the main idea of the paragraph. Answer the question "What is this paragraph about?"
4.     Discuss possible formulations of the paragraph main idea and ask the parther to write down the most suitable one into your exercise-book.
5.     Begin to work on the first paragraph of partner's text and work with it as it's shown in algorithm in point 3 and 4.
6.     Thank each other for cooperative work.
7.     Reflect in brief form the content of the given paragraph in your table (in any form: scheme, drawing, table etc.)
8.     Find the second partner (his color signal differs from yours and first partner's). Write down his surname and color signal. Settle the question about order of priority.
9.     Tell the theme of your text to the second partner; retell the content of the first paragraph, answer the questions: "What is it said about here?" "What is it said about this?"
10.   Work on the second paragraph and continue to work as you do it on the first (from point 3). When meeting the third partner (and next one) you retell the content of the previous (two, three) mastered paragraphs.
11.   After you finish your work on the text, prepare to speak in a small group. For this, make plan of the studied text on the clean piece of paper. Think about the content of the text to your plan.
12.   Remember: you retell the content of your text according to the plan. Your exercise-book is closed.
13.   Evaluate your every speech in a small group. Put your mark on the page with your speech plane.
14.   The work of given text is finished. Get another text and work on it in the same way.

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