pair work


pair work

Optimization Seminar withRotating pair work ®
characterized by

   1. Increase in member activity
      If 30 participants take 2 minutes each for their own questions and comments, 60 minutes have passed without the instructor came to speak. If 60 people for 30 minutes on the basis of a clear course of action in each case for two internalize, then the personal activity of each participant increases from two to 15 minutes and for training leaders remain even 30 for his comments.

2. Personality Development
      The use of `rotating pair work` increases not only the performance of the entire course, but also serves to a sustainable strengthening of empathy assets. The participants learn that they work in pairs, as experience demonstrated, can work with all neatly to very good. They learn about their `social` Telle edge schauen.Persönlichkeitsbildung to take place here in which each participant learns to be helpful and to work constructively within a clearly defined scope with any other party.


Rotating pair work can be used in the seminars of all disciplines.